Panicled spot flower - Spilanthes paniculata

Roktodron Ful(রক্তদ্রোণ ফুল) - Leonurus sibiricus

Common Name : Honeyweed, Siberian motherwort.
Bengali Name : রক্তদ্রোণ/দ্রোণপুষ্পি ফুল
Botanical Name : Leonurus sibiricus
Synonym : Leonurus japonicus
Family : Lamiaceae(Mint family)

This is a herb plant but can grow several ft in height. Randomly seen around the roadside and the highlands of our country Bangladesh. Yet still, the plant is native to East Asian region. Botanical name of the plant is Leonurus sibiricus from the mint family Lamiaceae. In Bangladesh we call this in many names like Roktodron(রক্তদ্রোণ), Debdroni(দ্রোণপুষ্পি), Dronpushpi(দেবদ্রোণী), etc. Few common English names are Honeyweed, Chinese or Siberian motherwort, etc.

Flowers of the plant are purple, light purple in color with a touch of white. These small flowers use to come from the base of the leaf at stem and those come as a whorl around the stem. The stem can be seen with a shade of silvery for the hairy things on it.

Roktodron(রক্তদ্রোণ ফুল) has several medicinal uses. Using against the menstrual disorder treatment is one of those. Also it can be effective against the skin disease, headache, etc.

Photos of this article were taken from Mymensingh(ময়মনসিংহ) and Tangail(টাঙ্গাইল) during the March 2013.

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